Discount Cabinets of Washington, Inc.
Mailing: Post Office Box 1973
Warehouse: 1400 East Washington Street, #5
Sequim, WA 98382-1973

Tel. 360-683-9171
Fax 360-681-0554

Jere Colman or
Steve Cunningham
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There are two of us that do the consulting, designing, selling, and delivering. Steve Cunningham joined me about six years ago and contributed a wealth of installation experience which is shared with 'hands-on/do-it-yourself' customers who pose installation questions. Steve, while heading his own business, Cabinet Solutions, was considered by me to be the best installer in the area, no matter how complex the layout. More than one customer would call me after Steve finished installing their cabinets and countertops to ask me to stop by and view the results; they would say "....bring a camera, you must take a picture.... ". Now we work together and although we do not install cabinetry or countertops, our clients benefit from our combined 30+ years of design, sales, and installation experience. Word-of-mouth advertising and competitive pricing provides us with steady work.
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Discount Cabinets of Washington, Inc.

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