Thank you for accessing our website. We hope that this brief history of our company's beginnings will be of interest to you as a conscientious researcher and consumer. My name is Jere (Jerry) Colman and I started out as a kitchen designer for a 'Big Box' home improvement center. We had wonderful vignettes of cabinetry, with all the bells and whistles, supplied by cabinet manufacturers and a steady stream of contractors and homeowners with plans and dreams to fulfill for their new homes or remodeling projects. The vignettes were great sales aids but came with overhead costs based on the square footage of floor space they covered. Additional costs to the end user came into play when the cabinet manufacturers shipped product to the home improvement center distribution facility. More costs were then incurred when the distribution facility shipped cabinets to the satellite store. Add to this the cost of the satellite store renting a truck to deliver cabinets to the jobsite. We had weekly quotas to meet and profit margins (above and beyond the various shipping and handling costs) had to be maintained or some one up the corporate ladder would visit the satellite store manager with an accusatory bean counter printout. Prices were not as much of a bargain as people were led to believe.

All of this came to an abrupt halt when this particular 'Big Box' store went bankrupt ending all base and satellite store operations.

Now, my group of contractors had to scramble to obtain cabinets and meet deadlines. Five of them approached me and demanded, cajoled and convinced me to start up a business with all the bells and whistles. I agreed to everything but the grandiose showroom and reminded them that they and their customers (not me) were paying for the showroom overhead by paying increased prices for cabinetry. I told them I could sell them better cabinetry for less money if I hand-picked a quality-based cross section of cabinet suppliers, paid up front for the cabinets (to lock in a discount which could be passed along to customers), and created an efficient low-overhead operation. The solution was to outfit a 'Mobile Showroom' box truck with door, wood, and stain samples, et al. to bring to their jobsites. Jobsite project walls had to be measured anyway and by providing this site visit service the contractor could spend a minimal amount of time deciding what he wanted, get back to work and incur no overhead showroom cost.
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